Regular Price: $5450
Discounted Price: $4950
Hunt Start Date: 12/14/2017
Hunt End Date: 12/19/2017
Type: Gun or Bow
Additional Details or Discounts: This hunt can be upgraded to hunt cougar, bobcat and wolf.
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What to Expect


LYNX!!  A new contender in the world's most sought after cat.  K-9's offers a 7-day, fully guided hunt with lodging that takes place in a nice motel with a kitchenette, TV and all the home comforts.  We start our day early with a home-cooked breakfast, pack our lunches and head out to the mountains.  With this hunt, your guide will be looking for a fresh lynx track that will be able to be followed successfully to the tree.  The lynx are well known for their elusiveness and their ablity to run on top of the snow, which can prove to be a disadvantage for the dogs.  They have also been known to hunt in a circular style because of their prey, the snow shoe rabbit.  The lynx can lay a lot of tracks down and with them doing that, it makes it difficult for the dogs to sort out the freshest track fast enough to put pressure on them, to put the lynx in the tree.  This is the main reason it is imperative to find a fresh track to turn the dogs loose on.  Once the proper track is found, your guide and you will turn the dogs loose and become mobile.  This is the part that you will try to keep up with the race and be ready to cut the lynx off if it is headed to another trail.  If you can get in front of the lynx, often times you can see them cross and get a shot on them.  This is a scenario that can be totally exciting and make for a great hunt and story.  Many times the lynx will tree if the conditions are right and you will be able to make the shot at the tree. 

Photos From the Field