Mule Deer/Black Bear
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Hunt Start Date: 9/10/2017
Hunt End Date: 9/16/2017
Type: Gun
Additional Details or Discounts: 4 point Mule Deer, Check our 2 on 1 and youth price options.
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What to Expect


Bear hunting with K-9's Cougar Canyon Outfitters offers a chance for you to harvest 2 bears on a 5-day, fully guided hunt.  It also offers you a chance at the beautiful color phased black bear that the Okanagan is well known for.  These are not your typical bait watching black bear hunts.  These hunts will be sure to get you involved!  What K-9's has is alternative options for the benefit of your success.  One of these options is the Spot and Stalk method. 

This hunt has typically been more successful starting later in the morning, which is good news if you like to sleep in or would like to play 9 rounds of golf before you go hunting.  We use open areas, such as, logged timber and power lines that have fresh grass growing or fall berries.  This makes for a great place to watch for these hungry black bears just trying to add on some weight.  Once the bear has been spotted, your guide and you will make the best stalking plan for you to get the best shot.  This hunt is typically hunted out of side by side UTV's, pickups or jeeps.  It is NOT unlikely to catch a wandering bear on the trail and utilize this as a way of making your hunt a success also. 

K-9's also has another option, and if you like the sound of hounds, you will love this hunt!  This is our dogs doing what they love best!  We use our dogs to strike, chase and finally tree or bay these bear up.  We utilize quads, UTV's and pickups for this hunt.  We have what we call "rigging racks" for our dogs to be tied up on.  This way, while we are driving, they can smell a bear and bark, which is called "striking".  We then stop the vehicle and look for sign of bear on the road.  We will then release the hounds after making sure the dogs are collared with telemetry and GPS. 

These hunts are not with the use of bait and are mainly ran just driving back roads or trails where a black bear would be hanging out.  A huge benefit to running bear with hounds is that, a person can see his trophy up close and can normally verify the sex of the animal.  This proves to be a very successful way of hunting black bear in the late season and is a great reason for you to look into booking a combination fall hunt for black bear!  Whether you choose one option or both, K-9's want you to enjoy your black bear hunt!

Mule Deer (Rifle Rut)

This is a 4 point buck hunt or what K-9's would call their trophy hunt.  Accommodations can be motel, camper trailer or wall tent depending on the activity of the deer and the weather.  We start this hunt early with a great breakfast and make a plan for the style of hunting we will be doing.  We decide whether we will be hunting from ground blinds, tree stands or spot and stalk.  We have also been successful at silently walking through high populated deer bedding areas and bumping them up from their beds, just for them to take a look back and see what spooked them.  Usually you will have just enough time to judge the animal and make a shot.  We will pack lunches, so we can get the most hunting time out of our day.  This hunt is when the rut takes place and the bucks are moving.  We will hunt from quads, UTV's and pickups.  An enjoyable supper and good stories will end the night.  This is a fun hunt and should be considered combining it with a whitetail deer hunt.  K-9's dates available for the 2013 season are October 28th-November 3rd and November 4th-November 10th.

Photos From the Field